What are Podiatrists?

Podiatrists are health care professionals responsible for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of feet, ankle and lower extremity structures. Podiatrists are essentially experts at looking after your feet.

Aged feet and feet belonging to people with multiple health conditions and co-morbidities are at higher risk of suffering feet issues. Our skilled Podiatrists can detect, assess, treat and prevent further issues arising. It’s important your condition is detected and treated earlier to prevent it from worsening. Regular Podiatry care is recommended between 6-8 weeks each consultation. This way your feet and conditions you might suffer from are regularly monitored and kept in check.

Why are Podiatrists needed?

As our population grows we are noticing that people are starting to live longer. This means people are more likely to suffer from health conditions as they age. Most people over the age of 60 are suffering from one or multiple chronic health issues.

These health issues could have an impact on foot health which could lead to an increased risk of foot ulcers, foot pain, poor mobility, increased falls risk and much more. Major foot issues can be extremely debilitating which can result in loss of mobility due to pain. With the guidance of a Podiatrist you will learn to perform your own foot health checks, foot hygiene and have a better understanding of footwear.

When do I need to see a Podiatrist?

  • If you are unable to perform your own foot hygiene
  • If you have type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • If you have poor choice of footwear
  • Unable to trim own toe nails
  • Suffering from chronic health issues
  • Poor circulation/blood flow within the lower extremities
  • Poor sensation within the feet
  • Persistent foot wounds/ulcers
  • Anyone with acute or chronic foot, heel and ankle pain

About Us

Generation Podiatry is a private practice that specialises in home visits. Save time travelling by receiving treatment in your own home. Our qualified podiatrists will be able assess, diagnose and treat a range of conditions.

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