For centuries, warm water has been used to help people with muscle rehabilitation, along with relieving muscle tension and pain. This type of healing treatment is known as hydrotherapy or water physiotherapy. While being immersed in the warm water pool, the body’s limbs have a chance to become buoyant with a sense of weightlessness, resulting in a reduction of tension in the body and helping to relieve aches in muscles, either caused by trauma, surgery, or chronic illness.

Due to water being buoyant, pool exercises can be conducted with pain-free movement. This can enable someone who has been injured to restore range of motion and mobility without experiencing further pain during therapy.

Being immersed in warm water helps increase blood flow and circulation. As circulation to injured muscles, tissues and joints improves, it can help stimulate healing. Hydrotherapy is also an excellent and enjoyable way to help people with postoperative surgery recovery.

Group and Individual Hydrotherapy Classes Offered on the Gold Coast

Generation Physio offers group or one-on-one heated pool exercises and classes at the Opal Ashmore Aged Care in Ashmore Gold Coast at 1:15 pm every Tuesday. If you have a heated pool at home and prefer to have these exercises conducted without having to travel, we bring our water physiotherapy treatment and the needed equipment to your home and conduct the class there.

Consultations for your hydrotherapy session includes an individual assessment that our Generation physiotherapists use to customise your movement and exercise treatment. Because of these customised assessments, our staff can offer premium personal care to facilitate healing.

Our staff will join you in the water, either in a group or individual exercise classes, to ensure that you perform all the movements and exercises correctly.

Group exercises can be inspiring for individuals seeking warm water therapy and can also be a fun and social way to heal. Our water physiotherapists make all the pool classes educational as well as enjoyable.

Experience Warm Water Physiotherapy on the Gold Coast

Our highly trained hydrotherapists offer extensive experience in treating and managing several chronic and acute conditions. We are a mobile service that comes to your home or facility eliminating the need to travel, and exercises can be conducted in the privacy of your home or facility pool.

Our therapists can help with pain management by creating an individualised hydrotherapy exercises program for you, resulting in the ability to see increased benefits of movement and pain relief.

Please note, that we at Generation Physio would like to do a prior assessment before conducting any pool exercises, so be sure to contact us before attending a class.

We look forward to helping you on your path to recovery and pain-free movement with our hydrotherapy group and individual pool classes held on the Gold Coast. Reach out to us at your convenience to discuss how we can assist you.

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